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Mission Statement

We have a sickness around here. An embedded malady. An unshakeable affliction. We’re pathologically obsessed with our Italian American heritage, and we just can’t stop celebrating and exploring its every fascinating manifestation.

At the Italian American Podcast, our mission is to return you to your roots, or better said, to bring your roots to you, bridging your modern life to the ancient DNA in your Italian blood. And to make sure you have a helluva good time along the way. This isn’t your nonna’s Italian America, but a new voice of the Italian American experience, delivering history, discussion, examination, and connection with smarts, heart, and a lot of laughs.



What They Are Saying

  • The Italian American Podcast is a contemporary way to continue to share experiences, information and culture for the Italian-American community and those that want to know more about it. I loved being interviewed by young, enthusiastic, passionate people interested in their roots.
    Lidia Bastianich, celebrity chef and host of “Lidia’s Italy”
  • When I listen to The Italian American Podcast, it reminds me that I am not alone. The authenticity and enthusiasm of you and your guests is what keeps me listening. You all sound like my relatives and family friends.
    Gabe D.

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